"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress
be judged by 
the way its animals are treated."     

              Mahatma Ghandi

Auroville Stray Relief and Animal Welfare

Camp October 2011 AV Straw Team

AV Straw Team

Auroville Stray Relief & Animal Welfare (AV STRAW) is a small team of committed volunteers who provide veterinary services to stray animals. It also supports the Indian Government scheme to reduce the enormous number of stray dogs by neutering/spaying dogs. AV STRAW is located in Tamil Nadu. MAKE A DONATIONmapindia

Postal Address: 
Auroville Stray Relief and Animal Welfare (AV STRAW)
c/o Ingrid T.
Arati 2 - 605101 Auroville
Tamil Nadu - South India

 Phone:  +91-(0)413-2622396 or +91-9443843976 (Ingrid Tscharntke) 
or +91-9443203092 (Dr. Kumar)